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This section consists of a selection of teaching and learning resources that may help teachers and students find out useful information about the EU and its institutions, organising specific lessons focused on "Citizenship and Fundamental Rights".


This section features a video game for students and many educational games created by teachers.Read more

Resources for Activities and Competitions

In this section you will find tools, maps and thematic links to help you contributing to the Spring Day activities and competitions.Read more

Europe and me: A resource kit on European Citizenship Education

This resource comprises a series of themed discussion activities based on semi-animated PowerPoint stories, together with case studies and background information, follow-up practical investigations in the local community, and opportunities for young people to make their voices heard on European issues.Read more

Europe Direct Information and Communication Network

Europe Direct Information and Communication Network connects the EU and its citizens at local level. The role of the Europe Direct Relays network is to distribute information and advice about the European Union's policies, promote local and regional debate and disseminate local and regional information. The network also gives the public the opportunity to send feedback to the European Union institutions. MoreRead more

Europe near you

The European Union is represented by a number of institutions in the Member States and other countries around the world. The role of these institutions is to provide citizens with information on the latest EU developments, promote local and regional debate about the European Union and give the public the opportunity to contribute with feedback to the European Union institutions.Read more

Teaching Europe

This page highlights useful information, publications and teaching material about the European Union.Read more